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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great Supplemental Income Opportunity for Nurses

We don't normally do this, but we are this once because this company is the real deal for verified info.  Scroll down...the important piece is at the bottom.  They do charge $19.99 for the information but it is worth it.  Their info is verified and you can make the $19.99 back in about 2 hours of work, then the rest is yours!!  Great supplemental income for nurses, students, retirees, moms or dads!

Are you tired of a creepy boss or crazy coworkers?  Are you tired of rush hour traffic and feeling like you never have enough time for yourself or the people you love?  Or maybe you’re retired, a full-time student, mom or dad looking for a steady supplemental income with a schedule that you control.

Whatever your reason is to work from home, it’s a great reason.  Whatever time of the day or night that you are taking the next step to take control of your income, is the right time. 

Will you get rich being a mystery shopper?  Probably not – at least I’ve never heard of anyone who got rich doing it.  Will you get free stuff and generate supplemental income for yourself and your family?  Absolutely!  I have been a mystery shopper for over 7 years and have paid for vacations, Christmas presents, shopping sprees and car payments with my mystery shopping income from working 1 to 2 hours per week.  Will you be able to quit your job and be a mystery shopper full time?  This absolutely happens.  It all depends on your expense circumstances.

Mystery Shopping is perfect for college students, retirees and anyone who has an extra hour or two per week to earn some extra cash.  All you need is transportation to get to and from the assignment, upfront payment for whatever the shop entails, great attention to detail and communication skills and a way to fax receipts and forms.

Complete this checklist to determine if Mystery Shopping is right for you:

*      I have transportation to get to and from assignments that I choose for myself

*      I have between $5 and $20 to cover the upfront cost of most shops that will be refunded to me after I submit all forms and receipts

*      I can fax forms and receipts

If you’ve checked all three boxes, you’re ready to make money as a mystery shopper!

So, how does mystery shopping work?  Well, first the mystery shopping companies must know that you are interested, available and capable of completing assignments.  This process entails registering with the mystery shopping companies and completing a very easy assessment test that gauges your communication and attention to details skills.  You can register with as many companies as you’d like.  Once that process is complete, you will set up your profile that lets the mystery shopping company know which assignments you are most interested in taking – this is largely based on the distance of the assignment from your home.  You are not assigned shops, rather you choose which shops you want to take.  Before going on an assignment, you print a series of forms that walk you step-by-step through how to complete the shop and instructions for submitting your expenses.  After you’ve completed the shop, simply complete the forms and fax or email them along with all receipts.  Once your submission has been accepted, you will receive a check that includes the payrate for the assignment + the reimbursement of your pre-approved upfront costs.

Now that you know that Mystery Shopping is right for you and how being a Mystery Shopper works, what do you do next?

Well, that’s where I come in.  I’ve already spent the countless hours filtering through thousands of links and websites that promise accurate mystery shopping information.  I’ve already trialed and errored on which mystery shopping companies are legitimate and I’ve already worked with my top selected mystery shopping companies for many years.  Now, I’m going to pass that information to you for just a one-time fee of $19.99.  A small investment in your work from home future.  You could easily make this back in your first week of mystery shopping!

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