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Thursday, March 25, 2010

We're Playing Bask-et-baaalll! We're Playing Basketball!

You know what time it is!  It's NCAA March Madness.  The only thing more popular than your bracket will be you when you walk in to work wearing your NCAA logo scrubs!

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs has a wide selection of NCAA logos and an even wider selection of scrub colors to choose from.  The logo scrub set comes in a 6 pocket unisex set in 15 solid colors.  That's SIX pockets!!! - 3 on the shirt and 3 on the pants.  The fabric is a super soft 60% cotton, 40% polyester blend that is very durable and machine washable.  The workmanship is superb quality on these sets.  The quality is obvious to the touch and to the eyes.

Here are some great ideas for these sets:
  • Play a prank on a friend/coworker:  get him/her a set in their school colors with your logo!
  • Great gift:  your friend or family member will always remember your thoughfulness for getting such a personalized gift
  • FOR YOURSELF:  logo scrubs are a great conversation starter.  You will not only engage your patients, but you'll engage people wherever you go.
What are you waiting for??!  Order now.

Click here to order through eBay:
OR, use the PayPal BUY NOW buttons below.  All transactions are 100% secure!  (Send the details of your order - size, color and logo - to after placing your order.)

See images of the logos below:
  • Auburn University
  • University of Kansas 
  • Indiana University
  • University of Kentucky 
  • Kansas State University
  • University of Louisville 
  • Marshall University
  • University of Maryland 
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Memphis 
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Miami
  • Penn State
  • University of Michigan 
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Nebraska 
  • University of Florida
  • University of Notre Dame 
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Oklahoma 
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Wisconsin 
  • University of Iowa West
  • Virginia University


Monday, March 22, 2010

Proceeds of 100th Sale Will Go To Charity

100% of the proceeds of 100th sale for EZ Uniforms and Scrubs, (website coming SOON), will be donated to charity.  There are so many wonderful charities to choose from.  I would love your input about which charity should receive the donation.  On Twitter send your recommendation to @ezunforms #ezcharity100.  On Facebook, send your recommendation to EZ UniformsandScrubs. can use the comments box below.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Stay posted to find out the winning charity!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wear Red

There's something about wearing red that brightens my day.  I seem to smile more....  The people around me seem to smile more....  What's extra great about red is that it is a classic color.  It never goes out of season.  It never goes out of style.  You can wear red any season...any month.  It makes the winters warmer and the summers hotter!  :)

Red is the best selling color in the scrub set I'm showing below.  I do not have a picture of the set in red, but I've added the color pallet so that you can see what the red looks like.  I do love this purple too though!!!  But I digress.  :)

Wear red.  Wear red often.  Wear it to work.  Wear it to play.  Just wear red!!!  Order this set in RED through the BUY NOW link below the item.  SAVE, SAVE, SAVE by ordering here -- just $18.99 for the set!  That's normally the cost of just the top!!!  This deal won't last long!

All of the other colors are available through the EZ Uniforms and Scrubs store at super low prices.  Check it out:

RED Set Sizes

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great Cooks Wear Aprons

If you're a diver, you need scuba gear.  If you are a doctor, you need a lab coat.  If you are a minister, you need a robe.  And, if you're a cook, you need an apron!

Aprons not only protect you from the ingredients of your dish, but they create the ambiance of skilled cullinary art.  In restaurants, aprons are a part of the restaurant's branding.  Some restaurant kitchens use all white.  Some use black.  Some use green.  Some use red.  Some include embroidery.  Some are plain.  Regardless of how basic or customized the aprons are, they make it clear to the patrons that the person wearing the apron is a part of the team that is preparing the food they are about to eat.

The same transcends to your kitchen at home.  Your apron makes it clear that you are the person or a member of the team that prepared the food your family, friends and guests are about to enjoy.  Your apron says, "I care about this meal that I prepared for you". 

So chime in about your apron, if you have one.  If you don't have one, check out my specials below!!  I process orders through PayPal, so your transactions are SECURE.  Just click the BUY NOW button below OR email me at with the quantity and color.  Order for your catering business, restaurant, cullinary class, or just to wear in your kitchen at home! 



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Round Out Your Scrubs Wardrobe with the Not-So-Basics

Building a good wardrobe use to take some time, some thought and a trip to the mall.  Now, it just takes the time and thought --- from the comfort of your favorite chair at home.  Your wardrobe should be representative of the work culture at your job, i.e. conservative or trendy - and representative of your personal style.

Who doesn't like standing out in a crowd?  Just because your job has uniform requirements doesn't mean that you can't be one of a kind.  Scrubs now come in a plethora of trendy cuts and styles which means you can EZ'ily incorporate elements of your personal style into your scrubs wardrobe -- be it through embroidery, bright colors, or prints.  Our best selling scrub set, for example, is an asian print inspired mock wrap set.  It says, "I respect the dress code rules for work" and also that "I am stylish and fashion forward with my uniform choice".

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs takes the guesswork out of building a great wardrobe.  We offer everything from the basic 2 Pocket Solid scrub set, to printed tops, to the latest in scrub fashion wear.  It's easy to round out your wardrobe with the basics and with the not-so-basics for those days when you're feeling extra fabulous.

Here is the asian inspired mock wrap set that I was talking about!!!  Eye-catching!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Scrubs are The New Pajamas!

The first time I saw scrubs listed as loungewear, I turned my head and looked sideways.  Surely the scrubs were listed under the wrong category!  Then I started thinking about it.... scrubs have all of the great components of loungewear... they come in drawstring or elastic pants...or a combination of the two (elastic AND drawstring -- woohoo!) and you just pull the tops over your head.  That's all we want on Saturday or Sunday morning or right after a long day at work --- to slip into something that is super comfortable, easy to put on and easy to wear.  Scrubs are the new pajamas!  This does not minimize the important and highly technical work that medical staff, nurses and doctors do while they're wearing scrubs, rather, this validates the level of comfort that their clothes must allow in order for them to keep up with rigorous physical and intellectual demands of the basic 30 hour rotation.

I know what you're thinking --- "what will I look like walking around the house in scrubs?".  The answer is that you will look as fabulous as you want.  With all of the new cuts, colors, styles and prints available, your options are limitless for looking great.  The mock wrap scrub top, for example, looks just like mock wrap tops that you would buy from a department store.  The scrub pants come in popular styles like bootcut and stretch cotton blends to give you the fashion cuts that you already wear.  Scrubs are machine washable and come in very durable fabrics.  This means that you can just toss them into the wash over and over and they will continue to look great.  So, go ahead...give it a try...replace your loungewear with scrubs.  Be sure to tell me about it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why Buy your Scrubs Online

Why buy your scrubs online?  Said another way.....why work a 30 hour rotation, then run mandatory errands like go grocery shopping, pick up the dry cleaning, fill up the gas tank..then drive to the scrub store, find a park, walk inside, shovel through inventory, wait in the check out get the picture.  You've been on your feet all day and now you're going to spend another few hours on your feet??? 

Ordering online saves you time, saves you money and saves you stress.  Online stores carry a wider selection of styles and colors because they have lower overhead.  They can focus more on providing you unlimited options of styles and colors because their capital investment is in inventory and not in a store front. 

So, why buy your scrubs online?  CONVENIENCE is the answer for anyone who works hard and likes saving money.  Ordering online is virtually risk free.  If you order the wrong size or don't like the style or color, you just return the items in the same condition you received them, unwashed, with the tags attached.  The time limits on returns vary from store to store, but the average is 30 days.  That's more than enough days for you to accidently leave it on the counter as you're rushing out to work, before finally remembering to take it with you to drop in the mail.  :)  Most workplaces allow their employees to ship from their mailrooms, so you probably won't even need to make a trip to the post office.  All in all, it's still easier to return an online purchase than it is to go stand in the return line in a store!
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