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Friday, December 31, 2010


If a uniform is required for your employment, the expense is a tax deduction for either you or your company (depends on who pays for the uniforms). If you purchase your uniforms today, you can file the expense with your 2010 tax return which means you only have to hold on to the receipt (and, most importantly, REMEMBER that you bought uniforms :) ) for a few days or weeks. If you wait until January 1st to make the same purchase, you must hold on to your receipt and remember the purchase for 52+ weeks until it's time for you to file your 2011 tax return. If you're planning to make a purchase in January anyway, reduce some administrative burden and make the purchase today.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

3 Days Left to Spend Your 2010 Budget for Scrubs and Uniforms

If you are a manager, the phrase "if you don't use it, you lose it" takes on new meaning this time of year.  Don't lose the remaining dollars in your 2010 budget for uniforms, lab coats and scrubs.  The art and science of budgeting for a planning analyst is to base next year's budget on a factor of your current year's spending.  In most cases, the factor is a fraction that will make next year's spending allowance smaller than this year's budget.

For example, let's assume that your 2010 budget for uniforms and scrubs is $3,000 but you've only spent $1,500 to date.  Your planning analyst will use the amount you've spent, $1,500, as the base amount for setting your 2011 budget.  The $1,500 is also the amount that will show up for all of your year-over-year expense analysis -- not the $3,000.  Let's say that your planning analyst has decided to apply a 15% expense reduction to your 2010 spending to set your 2011 budget.  This would mean that your 2011 budget for uniforms would be $1,500 * (1 - 15%), or  just $1,275, while the 2011 budget based on your full utilization of your 2010 budget would be almost twice that amount, or $2,550.  Which dollar amount do you need to work with for your 2011 budget uniform needs:  $1,275 or $2,550?  Which amount do you want your 2011 spending to be compared against:  $1,275 or $2,550? 

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs is the fastest and most convenient way to survive the last 3 days of the 2010 budget crunch!  We have the best prices and a wide selection of uniforms, work pants, work shirts, scrub skirts, chef pants, chef coats, lab coats, disposable lab coats and scrubs.  Our online store is open 24/7 which means you have up until the very last second of the 2010 calendar year to use your 2010 budget.  We have a color to match the "trade name" colors of all of the big, branded, uniform stores and our quality is equal or better.  The only difference is our price and our convenience!

Not using your 2010 budget for uniforms means losing the dollars for 2010, and for 2011, and the ripple effect could last for years.  It also means being compared to an extra-low threshold in your year-over-year expense analysis for the following year.  Managing your department's budget is all about strategy -- not just for this year, but for years to come.

Don't let this happen to you or your team!  Use the final days of 2010 and the final dollars of your 2010 budget wisely!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Make the Most of Your 2011 Uniform Procurement Budget

Whew, you're through with the hard part of getting the executives to sign off on your uniform budget for the 2011 fiscal year.  Now, phase two of the challenge begins - execution.  You will need to apply the same care and thought that you applied to creating your budget, to executing it.

The last few years have showcased the trend of budget cuts and reductions.  98 percent of all companies and departments are working with smaller budgets for 2011 than they did in 2010.  The irony of the matter is that headcounts have already been cut to bare-bones, so you're not actually working with fewer people from the prior year - just fewer dollars.  So how, you wonder, do you pull 2011 uniform procurement off?  Here are some tips.

1.  Comparison Shop.  The good ole days of buying from the 1st vendor on the google search page or that vendor you've always used are over.  The current economic conditions require that you seek out the vendors with the best prices.  Use price comparison sites like The Find and Google Product Search to get easy spec/price comparisons.  Both The Find and Google Product Search are great sources to find a wide variety of vendors for medical scrubs, janitorial uniforms, work shirts, work pants, chef pants, chef coats, lab coats, disposable lab coats and children's disposable lab coats.  Take advantage of these sources when selecting who your uniform vendors will be for 2011.

2.  Stick With Your Standards.  Paying less for your uniforms does not mean settling for less.  Discount vendors are popping up all over the place in response to the constant economic downturn of the last few years.  Many discount vendors offer the same quality as the name brand houses, but without the name brand price tag.  When faced with a discount vendor that offers the same quality as name brand vendors for less - GO WITH THE DISCOUNT VENDOR.  If you're not immediately comfortable shifting from "name brands", start with baby steps.  Order a sample quantity from the discount vendor.  The beauty of discount vendors is that it is not a big loss to try them out.

3.  Request Customized Quotes.  If you are ordering a large quantity or will submit repeat orders of uniforms, scrubs, work shirts, work pants, chef pants, chef coats, lab coats or disposable lab coats, request a customized quote.  EZ Uniforms and Scrubs welcomes requests for quotes!

4.  Consolidate Your Orders.  Find a vendor that sells most of the items you need.  If you buy uniforms for a janitorial company, order the work shirts, work pants, polo shirts and embroidery from the same company for the biggest savings.  Similarly for medical offices, order your scrubs, scrub skirts, lab coats and embroidery from the same vendor to get the best pricing possible. 

Follow these easy steps to meet your 2011 uniform procurement budget.  Be sure to leave us comments about how much money you save on uniforms for the 2011 fiscal year.

Email us at EZ Uniforms and Scrubs for our price lists to assist you with your 2011 uniform procurement budget research (  We'll be happy to send you customized quotes to help you stay on budget for 2011.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Scrub Skirts Are Nurse Uniform Classics

Scrub skirts are nurse uniform classics, a little bit retro and a great way to add style and versatility to your uniform wardrobe.  Dare to be classic, classy, sophisticated and different in a scrub skirt or scrub skirt set.  Here are some basic things to look for when purchasing your scrub skirt or scrub skirt set:
Email us at if you have any questions about customizing your scrub skirt for that perfect fit.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday Deals on Uniforms and Scrubs

Get 10% off any order plus FREE Shipping with coupon code CYBMON10 at checkout.  Save big today:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday Online - Deals on Scrubs and Uniforms

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs is ready for the online Black Friday! Order anything from our website at  Nov. 25th - Nov. 28th and you'll get FREE SHIPPING. No coupon code is needed. Just select from any of our great deals on scrub tops, scrub pants, scrub skirts, aprons and lab coats, then check out.

Don't miss the extra savings on children's scrub sets and aprons! All items can be embroidered with your custom text. Great for work or as a creative gift! Happy Shopping!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unique Gift Idea for Nurses, Doctors and Medical Staff

We've got the perfect gift idea for your doctors, nurses and medical staff - a gift certificate to EZ Uniforms and Scrubs.

1. You know they will use it.
2. You know they will appreciate it.
3. No waiting in line.
4. We have their size.
5. many more reasons do you need? :)

Doctors and medical business owners, this is the perfect gift to get your staff this year. If your staff is anything like me, they are tired of getting a frozen turkey for the holidays. As a matter of fact, I still have the turkeys from the last two Christmas' in my freezer.  I would have much rathered my employer give me something that I could use - like a gift certificate for something that I would actually use.

A gift certificate for scrubs is a much more unique way of letting your team know that you appreciate how hard they've worked. The gift certificate can be the main attraction or it can be the bonus.  No matter how you package it, your staff will love it!  We've got many styles, sizes, colors and cuts to choose from so everyone will be able to get just what they want.

A gift certificate for scrubs is a great idea for co-workers, family, friends and anyone who wears scrubs. Everyone loves to get a gift that they can use! Our gift certificates can be printed and packaged as you wish or emailed to the recipient. Just click this link to get your favorite doctors, nurses and medical staff the perfect gift (certificate) today:

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Be a Part of Operation F.L.A.S.K.

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs announces the launch of Operation F.L.A.S.K. [Free Lab Coats And Small Medical Supplies for Kids]- a program designed to help promote science exploration among children and adolescents by facilitating the donation of lab coats and small medical supplies to science classes and programs. Every contribution counts when it comes to advancing the science education of school age kids and we’ve made it EZ for everyone to help!

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs has assembled standard and custom Operation F.L.A.S.K. bundles of lab coats, scrubs and various small medical supplies at discounted prices. The standard bundles are designed to fit the needs of four categories of students - Day Care/Pre-school, Elementary School, Middle School and High School – and custom bundles are designed to fill the specific wish lists provided by qualified organizations.

There are 2 ways you can help: 1 - nominate a qualified school or organization or 2 - donate a bundle to a qualified school or organization. We handle the rest!

To nominate a qualified school or organization, fill out the Operation F.L.A.S.K. Participation Request Form . If your submission is approved, your qualified school or organization will be added to the list of organizations on the EZ Uniforms and Scrubs website from which generous donors will select from to indicate the recipients of their donations.

To donate a bundle, simply visit the Operation F.L.A.S.K. page of the EZ Uniforms and Scrubs website  and purchase the bundle you would like to donate. To donate to an organization that has not submitted a wish list, select the age-appropriate standard bundle that you would like to donate. To fill the wish list of an organization with specific needs, select that organization’s custom bundle for your donation. Each standard bundle donation includes a form to indicate the receiving organization. You can select an organization from the list of qualified organizations on the website or list a completely new organization. If you list a new organization when making your donation, you must provide a contact name, contact number, contact email and contact postal mailing address for the receiving organization.

Your donation may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Save your receipt and be sure to check with your certified tax preparer to find out if your donation qualifies.

Better and Better and Better!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Children's Disposable Lab Coats with Front Snap Closures

Are you having a hard time finding children's disposable lab coats with snaps? If you can find them, are you blown away by the high delivery costs? If you're like most of the organizations, moms and schools that contact us here at EZ Uniforms and Scrubs, you are. Well, look no more!

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs has children's disposable lab coats with 3 snap closures, collar and elastic wrist in kid's sizes 2T, 3T, 4T, 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12.  The disposable lab coat fabric is polypropylene which has properties of high stiffness, good tensile strength and inertness toward acids, alkalis and solvents; making it the perfect disposable covering for every lab and school science project.

The pros of children's disposable lab coats just keep coming: cheap alternative to cloth lab coats, clean, sanitary covering every time you wear it, lightweight, affordable; and, most importantly, ADORABLE! We can even embroider your child's disposable lab coat for just $10 - which makes an excellent keepsake for you to stash away OR a great way for an organization to get some free marketing/branding.

Our prices and shipping costs are some of the lowest on the web, but do not hesitate to contact us for even lower prices on bulk orders. Just email us at with your inquiry and we will provide you with a customized quote.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Our Blog's Been Noticed!

Our blog has been invited to join a special community of bloggers who have unique know-how and expertise.  We're VERY excited about this opportunity!  Thank you all for reading our blog and we look forward to our new opportunity to keep you informed about the latest in scrubs and food service uniforms. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

GO GREEN This Halloween With Costumes That Can Be Repurposed

Go GREEN this halloween with costumes that can be repurposed after trick or treating.  Reduce your footprint by opting for an eco friendly, earth friendly costume that doubles as pajamas, lounge wear or play clothes for months after halloween.  Our Halloween Doctors Costume Packages include high quality, washable, poly/cotton scrubs and lab coats and real medical accessories.  Order by October 18th for guaranteed arrival by halloween.  Click on any of the links below or email us at for more information.

Includes a washable, reusable 60/40 poly/cotton scrub top and scrub pants in the color of your choice. Each scrub top is embroidered with your customized text. The most popular lines are “My Little Doctor”, “Future Doctor”, “Little Dr. Know It All” – but get as creative as you’d like! This package includes a toy doctor’s accessories kit with all of the tools your child needs for his/her night: stethoscope, needle, medicine bottle – all in a neat carrying case. Shoes are not included in this package. The scrub set is washable and can be reused as pajamas, dress-up clothes or play clothes all year round! Fits girls or boys. Use size chart to determine size. Order by October 18th for guaranteed delivery by Halloween.
• scrub top with custom embroidery
• scrub pants
• toy medical bag

Child’s Deluxe Doctor Halloween Costume Set FREE SHIPPING
Includes a washable, reusable lab coat and 60/40 poly/cotton scrub top and scrub pants in the color of your choice. Each lab coat is embroidered with your customized text. The most popular lines are “My Little Doctor”, “Future Doctor”, “Little Dr. Know It All” – but get as creative as you’d like! This package includes a real stethoscope! Shoes are not included. The lab coat and scrub set are washable and can be reused as pajamas, dress-up clothes or play clothes all year round! Fits girls or boys. Use size chart to determine size. Order by October 18th for guaranteed delivery by Halloween.
• lab coat with custom embroidery
• scrub top
• scrub pants
• real stethoscope

Classic Adult Doctor Halloween Costume FREE SHIPPING
Includes a washable, reusable 60/40 poly/cotton v neck scrub top and drawstring waist scrub pants in the color of your choice with matching scrub cap and real stethoscope. Each scrub top is embroidered with your customized gag text. Click here to see some popular adult lines. Shoes are not included. The scrub set is washable and can be reused as pajamas or lounge clothes all year round! Available in plus sizes and in tall or petite. Order by October 18th for guaranteed delivery by Halloween.
• scrub top with custom embroidery
• scrub pants
• scrub cap
• real stethoscope

Classic Plus Adult Doctor Halloween Costume FREE SHIPPING
Most popular package! Embroidered lab coat completes “the look” of this costume. Includes a washable, reusable 60/40 poly/cotton v neck scrub top and drawstring waist scrub pants in the color of your choice with matching scrub cap and real stethoscope. Click here to see some popular adult gag lines for the lab coat embroidery. Shoes are not included. The lab coat and scrub set are washable and can be reused. The scrub set makes a comfy pair of pajamas or set of lounge clothes all year round! Available in plus sizes and in tall or petite. Order by October 18th for guaranteed delivery by Halloween.
• lab coat with custom embroidery
• scrub top
• scrub pants
• scrub cap
• real stethoscope

Deluxe Adult Doctor Halloween Costume FREE SHIPPING
For the serious costumer! Be the talk of the party with this authentic, complete ensemble. Embroidered lab coat and REAL blood pressure cuff completes “the look” of this costume. Includes a washable, reusable 60/40 poly/cotton v neck scrub top and drawstring waist scrub pants in the color of your choice with matching scrub cap and REAL stethoscope. Click here to see some popular adult gag lines for the lab coat embroidery. Shoes are not included. The lab coat and scrub set are washable and can be reused. The scrub set makes a comfy pair of pajamas or set of lounge clothes all year round! Available in plus sizes and in tall or petite. Order by October 18th for guaranteed delivery by Halloween.
• lab coat with custom embroidery
• scrub top
• scrub pants
• scrub cap
• real stethoscope
• real blood pressure cuff

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tonight's Harvest Moon Can Only Mean One Thing...

Tonight's harvest moon can only mean one thing....that fall is almost here and it's time for you to stock up on scrub jackets and long sleeved scrub tops!

Everyone who works in a building where the temperature is held at a steady 68 degrees all year long already has their scrub jackets handy, but, for the rest of you, this is your time to stock up to stay warm for the next few months!  Scrub jackets create an extra layer to help you stay warm in the cooler temperatures of fall, winter and frigid office temperatures.  As with your street clothes, layering is not only fashionable, but it helps to hold in your body heat and shield you from the elements.  Whether you're doing it for form or for fashion, layering is a must-do for every season!

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs has scrub jackets in 15 solid colors and many fun, print styles.  You can mix and match our scrub jackets with our scrub tops and bottoms to create your own, layered, trendy, WARM look.  We even carry corduroy scrub jackets.  What could be warmer and more stylish than a corduroy jacket in your favorite colors?!

Your must-have fall/winter 2010 basic colors for layering this fall are:  purple, black, burgundy, beige and brown.   We carry this season's "it" colors, plus any other color that you need for your company's dress code.  Check out our great deals on scrub jackets and long sleeved scrub tops!  Stock up today!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Don't Take Our Word For It - Here Is What Our Customers Have To Say!

Don't take our word for it -- here is what our customers have to say!

I love the top its so cute!! Thanks!!!
Yellow and Pink Print Scrub Top - w/ cell pocket

Item as described, good comminication, great seller. Would buy from again.

thanks! love it! Great seller!

Fast shipping. Nice scrub top. thanks.
Purple and Green Print Scrub Top - w/ cellphone pocket

Great seller AAA++++++++
WINE Scrub Set: Crossover Top & StraightLeg Pants

Great transaction
Yellow and Pink Print Scrub Top - w/ cellphone pocket

Nice quality. Will buy from again!
WINE Scrub Set: Crossover Top & StraightLeg Pants

WINE Scrub Set: Crossover Top & StraightLeg Pants

Great product.
Yellow and Pink Print Scrub Top - w/ cell pocket

very fast!! Great transaction, would do business with again.
Purple and Green Print Scrub Top - w/cellphone pocket

fast shipping thank you
WINE Scrub Set: Crossover Top & StraightLeg Pants

Great 5*

Wonderful Thank you so much!!!!
5 Pocket Mock Wrap Gothic Print Scrub Set

great communication, thanks!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

1st 'Pick the Scrub Set of Your Choice' Contest Winner

We've got our first contest winner!  Stay tuned for her comments about the scrub set she selected AND stay tuned to our blog for details on how YOU can win a FREE scrub set in our next giveaway!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Importance of Branding

Creating a brand is important.  Whether you're branding yourself or branding a company, branding creates instant product and quality recognition that serves a a marketing tool 24/7.  Think of some of the places you eat and shop where you don't need to see the company's name.  You immediately recognize the company by the logo, the slogan or the uniforms.  This is all a part of that company's marketing strategy and should be a critical part of your marketing strategy as well.

So, what is your branding strategy?  If you are a medical office, can your staff be easily identified in a crowded room?  If you are a restaurant, does your staff stand out from the staff at the restaurant down the street?  If you are a nursing home, does your staff uniform represent the serenity and comfort you're giving your residents?  If you answered no, then you should consider taking the first steps of creating your brand.

Most businesses already have a logo, so the branding step is just to select a color theme of uniforms and have the logo added.  For example, a pediatrician's office might brand itself by selecting colors in its logo for the staff to wear on its busiest days.  The simple step of formalizing a uniform color scheme and adding the logo changes your employees' lunchtime outing from 'the group in the medical scrubs' to the group from 'Dr 'Your Name's' office'.  You'll have instant, free, marketing!  And restaurants....the one thing that the restaurant with the big yellow "M" has taught us is that you simply cannot put your name in too many places!  So put it on your bib aprons, cobbler aprons and bistro aprons.  Market yourself 24/7!

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs not only offers the best prices and wide selection on medical scrubs and food service uniforms but we also help you design your brand concept at no additional charge.  Email us at today to get started.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Can Never Go Wrong With the Basics

You can never go wrong with the basics.  No matter what dresscode your profession requires, the basics are essential to getting dressed for work every day -- be it a white blouse, black trousers, khakis or a blue shirt.  Professions that require medical scrubs are no different -- having the basics in your wardrobe is an essential part of getting dressed for work everyday. 

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs carries a very high quality 60%/40% poly cotton blend basic scrub set for just $18.99!  The set has 2 pockets - one on the chest and one on the back of the pants - and is available in 15 colors.  This means that we have any color you need or want:  wine/burgundy, navy, royal, white, hunter green, ceil blue, teal, yellow, brown, black, red, beige, light royal, purple and bahama blue.  Stock up on the basics today!

What's that?  You need more than 2 pockets....  Well, check out our Ladies 5 Pocket Scrub Set or our Unisex 6 Pocket Scrub Set

Purchase your Unisex Basic 2 Pocket Scrub Set through the convenient, secure, BUY NOW button below or through our secure website at  Need more information before you buy?  Email us at

Colors cont'd

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Massage Therapists - Boost Your Image in Scrubs and Lab Coats

It's happened to all of us before:  picked a massage therapist out of the phone book and showed up to somewhere we've never been before only to be greeted by a massage therapist wearing a tee shirt and jeans.  Right away, we start second guessing our decision of picking someone out of the phone book and some of us even leave! 

If you are a massage therapist, one little accessory will keep this from happening to you ever again - a lab coat; and for an added image boost, a set of fashion scrubs.  I'm not talking about the very medical looking scrubs that I simply need my doctors and nurses to wear.  I'm talking about the fashion scrubs with empire waist, cross piped stitching, gothic print or embroidered stitching in fun, bright colors like purple, red and royal blue for women; and a nice basic cargo scrub set for men.   If you can't go all the way with a scrub set, at least wear a scrub top.  It is an instant image boost which is extremely important for keeping walk-in and first time customers.

If you do not want to wear scrub sets or scrub tops, at least cover your jeans and tee shirt with a lab coat.  It's a win win for everyone.  Your customers will feel comfortable with your professional image and you will feel comfortable wearing your work uniform of choice.  The extra "wins" in the equation for you just keep coming though -- your scrubs and lab coats can be tax deductible (see your tax professional for details) and you don't ever have to worry about staining your favorite tee shirts or jeans with oils or creams.  Talk about incentive!

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs has the best prices and a wide selection of fashion scrubs and lab coats.  The most popular item for massage therapists has been the Scrub Skirt Set in Purple, Royal Blue and Red and the Ladies Lab Coat with pockets - but your choice of what you'll select to boost your image is as infinite as our selection!  Feel free to contact us for bulk pricing at or 770-734-3466 if you're outfitting a whole staff.  We guarantee you'll get the highest quality and lowest prices!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Solid Color + Correct Size + Flattering Cut = Look Thinner

The formula for looking thinner in your scrubs is the same formula for looking thinner in any type of clothing:  color, size and cut.  Following this easy to remember formula can mean looking 5 to 10 pounds thinner every day. 

First, select solid color scrubs.  Solid colors create a longer, leaner look and cause the eye to travel vertically, emphasizing your height, instead of horizontally which emphasizes your width.  Dark solid scrub colors such as navy, black, brown, wine, burgundy and hunter green have an added slimming bonus because dark colors make the body look slimmer.

Next, select the right size.  Tight scrubs create that frumpy, bulgy look that no one wants.  Select a size that hangs freely over your stomach and does not require constant adjustment when you walk.  EZ Uniforms and Scrubs offers customers the option to mix and match top and bottom sizes at no extra charge to create that perfect overall fit.

Finally, select a flattering cut.  The scoop neck top is gaining popularity in the slimming scrub top cut category, but the classic flattering cut is the v-neck top.  Scrub bottoms also have flattering options.  A straight leg or boot cut scrub pant makes the hips appear narrower and draws attention away from the stomach area.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scrub Skirts - Perfect Addition to Your Summer Wardrobe

Scrub skirts are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.  They feel cool and they look cool.  The most popular style is the flat front two pocket skirt with a 5" back slit and elastic waist in the back.  The look is very fashionable while still maintaining the functionality and comfort required of scrubs.

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs carries a beautiful scrub skirt in the specs above with soil release, poplin fabric for just $11.99!!  We will even customize the length of the scrub skirt to your preference:  shorter to show more leg and longer to show less leg.   The skirt is available in all of the popular scrub colors:  BURGUNDY (same as wine), HUNTER GREEN, ROYAL, WHITE, BROWN, NAVY, CEIL BLUE, plus 8 other colors.

Poplin fabric, as you know, is very durable and is perfect for multiple machine washes.  Let's just assume that you wear this skirt once every two weeks for the next two years (don't laugh, I've owned certain favorite jeans for 10 years now), that's a total of 52 wears and 52 washes.  This garmet will have cost you just 23 cents per wear and will still look great when you decide to retire it from your wardrobe.  That is less than a quarter per wear!

When was the last time you went shopping with the change in the bottom of your purse?!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Building Your Scrubs Wardrobe on a Dime

Smart shoppers have always known that the key to lowering financial stress is to shop smart, but the last few years has brought a much larger population of consumers onto the savings bandwagon. My only question to the newcomers is, “what took you so long”? Saving money is the most prestigious mark of a fiscally responsible individual. If you are unsure if you are in this group of the fiscally responsible, take this quiz:

1. I need a new scrubs set. I will

Go to EZ Uniforms and Scrubs from the comfort of my mobile phone, home or work and select a 65%, 35% Poly Cotton blend Crossover V Neck Scrub Top for $12.99 and Drawstring Boot Cut Scrub Pants for $9.99 by a high quality label that does not make me pay extra because they sewed their label into the garment; pay a total of $22.98, plus $5.95 shipping for a total of $28.93. My new scrubs will be shipped to my door in about a week. I will stand beside someone who chose Option B below and no one will be able to tell that I paid almost $20 less for my scrubs .


Drive 10 miles across town to the nearest scrub store to pick up a 65%, 35% Poly Cotton blend Crossover V Neck Scrub Top for $23.99 and Drawstring Boot Cut Scrub Pants for $19.99 by a famous label that uses the same manufacturing company and fabric as a non-famous label but charges me an extra 500% markup because of their famous name. I will pay a total of $43.98, + sales tax, + gas for the round trip to the store, + the opportunity cost of the time it takes to drive to and from the store, + the opportunity cost of spending that same time with people and doing things I enjoy. Whew, this is really adding up!  With the opportunity cost, the total cost of my scrubs is way more than the $47 that I will pay in the store, but we’ll just stop at that number for this quiz.

If your answer is A, then you are already a fiscally responsible smart shopper. You are well on your way to a lifetime of having extra money to do the things you enjoy with the people you enjoy. EZ Uniforms and Scrubs will always be your first stop for the latest cuts and colors of scrubs. If the famous labels have it, we do too, but without their label and at a much lower price! You will sacrifice nothing in quality but you will gain lots in savings of both time and money! You can build your scrub wardrobe on a dime and no one will know how much less you paid until you begin to brag about your savings --- and you will, because who can keep such a thing to themselves! Happy Shopping Saving!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Excuse me, are you wearing scrubs or the 2011 Spring-Summer Prada Menswear Line?

Once upon a time, it was impossible to mistake medical scrubs for anything other than medical scrubs; but today that distinctive category is becoming a thing of the past.   Scrubs are becoming mainstream clothing items.  Popular fashion designers have added product lines for medical scrubs, many people who do not work in the medical profession are wearing scrubs for the comfort and functionality, scrubs are becoming the most popular pajamas and the designers who are not actually making scrubs have at least been inspired enough by the clean lines and distinguished look to base their runway collections on them.  The latest fashion house to be inspired by medical scrubs is the very high-end Prada.  The Spring-Summer 2011 Prada menswear line was inspired by hospital scrubs!  So now, as you're walking down the street in your scrubs, you may find yourself getting asked, "excuse me, are you wearing scrubs (from EZ Uniforms and Scrubs) or the 2011 Spring-Summer Prada menswear line"?  I'm smiling at the thought!

For the best prices on your "runway" look, get your scrubs from EZ Uniforms and Scrubs.  Email us with questions about special orders at

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Corporate Gifts

Are you a corporate gifting company looking for the perfect selection of unique gifts to offer your clients?  If scrubs are not already on your list of goodies, you will want to add them right now.  Scrubs are just as much for everyday wear as they are for medical professionals these days.  If you need proof, look at the Prada menswear line for Spring-Summer 2011.  The entire Prada menswear line was inspired by the hospital scrub look but designed for fashion-savvy, everyday wear.  If scrubs made it to the Prada runway, you can bet your clients will love to get a set in their corporate gift bag.

Whether you are in  Atlanta, Charlotte or Los Angeles; selecting gifts for a medical practice, hospital, educational organization, student or celebrity, you will want to make sure you are offering the hottest "it thing" - scrubs.  There is no limit to the ways you can customize the scrubs to make them one-of-a-kind and just for the organization you are working with.  The most popular special touch is letter embroidery, but scrubs can also be customized through graphic embroidery, screen printing and the color of the fabric itself.  The sky, and your creativity, are the limit for creating something special and setting yourself apart as a truly creative corporate gifting company.

At EZ Uniforms and Scrubs, we offer over 100 combinations of colors and styles of scrubs to choose from and we ship worldwide.  Let your creative juices flow as you select the perfect color to wow your clients - be it their corporate colors or just the hottest color of the season.  We can ship your selection to the embroiderer of your choice or to our expert embroiderers.  The most popular corporate gift style is our basic Unisex 2 Pocket Scrub Set with Drawstring in Hunter Green, Burgundy, Navy, Wine, Ceil Blue, Classic Green or White.  But don't let that stop you from considering the Lilac, Pink, Lime Green or Yellow

Set your corporate gifting company apart by adding fashion-forward and functional scrubs to your selection of gifts!  Email us at for more great ways to customize your scrubs.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to Get More Visitors to Your Site for FREE

I found this service that helps you get visitors to your website for FREE!  I'm usually optimistically cautious about this sort of offer but I have been pleasantly surprised.  IT WORKS!  I got more visitors to my site in 1 day than I had in the last 10 days combined.  I am very pleased and wanted to share this with everyone working to build visits to their website.  So pleased that I placed a banner at the bottom of this page.  You can check them out by clicking the banner or by clicking here:

I hope you have as much luck as I have had!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We're Playing Bask-et-baaalll! We're Playing Basketball!

You know what time it is!  It's NCAA March Madness.  The only thing more popular than your bracket will be you when you walk in to work wearing your NCAA logo scrubs!

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs has a wide selection of NCAA logos and an even wider selection of scrub colors to choose from.  The logo scrub set comes in a 6 pocket unisex set in 15 solid colors.  That's SIX pockets!!! - 3 on the shirt and 3 on the pants.  The fabric is a super soft 60% cotton, 40% polyester blend that is very durable and machine washable.  The workmanship is superb quality on these sets.  The quality is obvious to the touch and to the eyes.

Here are some great ideas for these sets:
  • Play a prank on a friend/coworker:  get him/her a set in their school colors with your logo!
  • Great gift:  your friend or family member will always remember your thoughfulness for getting such a personalized gift
  • FOR YOURSELF:  logo scrubs are a great conversation starter.  You will not only engage your patients, but you'll engage people wherever you go.
What are you waiting for??!  Order now.

Click here to order through eBay:
OR, use the PayPal BUY NOW buttons below.  All transactions are 100% secure!  (Send the details of your order - size, color and logo - to after placing your order.)

See images of the logos below:
  • Auburn University
  • University of Kansas 
  • Indiana University
  • University of Kentucky 
  • Kansas State University
  • University of Louisville 
  • Marshall University
  • University of Maryland 
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Memphis 
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Miami
  • Penn State
  • University of Michigan 
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Nebraska 
  • University of Florida
  • University of Notre Dame 
  • University of Georgia
  • University of Oklahoma 
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Wisconsin 
  • University of Iowa West
  • Virginia University


Monday, March 22, 2010

Proceeds of 100th Sale Will Go To Charity

100% of the proceeds of 100th sale for EZ Uniforms and Scrubs, (website coming SOON), will be donated to charity.  There are so many wonderful charities to choose from.  I would love your input about which charity should receive the donation.  On Twitter send your recommendation to @ezunforms #ezcharity100.  On Facebook, send your recommendation to EZ UniformsandScrubs. can use the comments box below.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Stay posted to find out the winning charity!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wear Red

There's something about wearing red that brightens my day.  I seem to smile more....  The people around me seem to smile more....  What's extra great about red is that it is a classic color.  It never goes out of season.  It never goes out of style.  You can wear red any season...any month.  It makes the winters warmer and the summers hotter!  :)

Red is the best selling color in the scrub set I'm showing below.  I do not have a picture of the set in red, but I've added the color pallet so that you can see what the red looks like.  I do love this purple too though!!!  But I digress.  :)

Wear red.  Wear red often.  Wear it to work.  Wear it to play.  Just wear red!!!  Order this set in RED through the BUY NOW link below the item.  SAVE, SAVE, SAVE by ordering here -- just $18.99 for the set!  That's normally the cost of just the top!!!  This deal won't last long!

All of the other colors are available through the EZ Uniforms and Scrubs store at super low prices.  Check it out:

RED Set Sizes

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great Cooks Wear Aprons

If you're a diver, you need scuba gear.  If you are a doctor, you need a lab coat.  If you are a minister, you need a robe.  And, if you're a cook, you need an apron!

Aprons not only protect you from the ingredients of your dish, but they create the ambiance of skilled cullinary art.  In restaurants, aprons are a part of the restaurant's branding.  Some restaurant kitchens use all white.  Some use black.  Some use green.  Some use red.  Some include embroidery.  Some are plain.  Regardless of how basic or customized the aprons are, they make it clear to the patrons that the person wearing the apron is a part of the team that is preparing the food they are about to eat.

The same transcends to your kitchen at home.  Your apron makes it clear that you are the person or a member of the team that prepared the food your family, friends and guests are about to enjoy.  Your apron says, "I care about this meal that I prepared for you". 

So chime in about your apron, if you have one.  If you don't have one, check out my specials below!!  I process orders through PayPal, so your transactions are SECURE.  Just click the BUY NOW button below OR email me at with the quantity and color.  Order for your catering business, restaurant, cullinary class, or just to wear in your kitchen at home! 



Saturday, March 13, 2010

Round Out Your Scrubs Wardrobe with the Not-So-Basics

Building a good wardrobe use to take some time, some thought and a trip to the mall.  Now, it just takes the time and thought --- from the comfort of your favorite chair at home.  Your wardrobe should be representative of the work culture at your job, i.e. conservative or trendy - and representative of your personal style.

Who doesn't like standing out in a crowd?  Just because your job has uniform requirements doesn't mean that you can't be one of a kind.  Scrubs now come in a plethora of trendy cuts and styles which means you can EZ'ily incorporate elements of your personal style into your scrubs wardrobe -- be it through embroidery, bright colors, or prints.  Our best selling scrub set, for example, is an asian print inspired mock wrap set.  It says, "I respect the dress code rules for work" and also that "I am stylish and fashion forward with my uniform choice".

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs takes the guesswork out of building a great wardrobe.  We offer everything from the basic 2 Pocket Solid scrub set, to printed tops, to the latest in scrub fashion wear.  It's easy to round out your wardrobe with the basics and with the not-so-basics for those days when you're feeling extra fabulous.

Here is the asian inspired mock wrap set that I was talking about!!!  Eye-catching!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Scrubs are The New Pajamas!

The first time I saw scrubs listed as loungewear, I turned my head and looked sideways.  Surely the scrubs were listed under the wrong category!  Then I started thinking about it.... scrubs have all of the great components of loungewear... they come in drawstring or elastic pants...or a combination of the two (elastic AND drawstring -- woohoo!) and you just pull the tops over your head.  That's all we want on Saturday or Sunday morning or right after a long day at work --- to slip into something that is super comfortable, easy to put on and easy to wear.  Scrubs are the new pajamas!  This does not minimize the important and highly technical work that medical staff, nurses and doctors do while they're wearing scrubs, rather, this validates the level of comfort that their clothes must allow in order for them to keep up with rigorous physical and intellectual demands of the basic 30 hour rotation.

I know what you're thinking --- "what will I look like walking around the house in scrubs?".  The answer is that you will look as fabulous as you want.  With all of the new cuts, colors, styles and prints available, your options are limitless for looking great.  The mock wrap scrub top, for example, looks just like mock wrap tops that you would buy from a department store.  The scrub pants come in popular styles like bootcut and stretch cotton blends to give you the fashion cuts that you already wear.  Scrubs are machine washable and come in very durable fabrics.  This means that you can just toss them into the wash over and over and they will continue to look great.  So, go ahead...give it a try...replace your loungewear with scrubs.  Be sure to tell me about it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why Buy your Scrubs Online

Why buy your scrubs online?  Said another way.....why work a 30 hour rotation, then run mandatory errands like go grocery shopping, pick up the dry cleaning, fill up the gas tank..then drive to the scrub store, find a park, walk inside, shovel through inventory, wait in the check out get the picture.  You've been on your feet all day and now you're going to spend another few hours on your feet??? 

Ordering online saves you time, saves you money and saves you stress.  Online stores carry a wider selection of styles and colors because they have lower overhead.  They can focus more on providing you unlimited options of styles and colors because their capital investment is in inventory and not in a store front. 

So, why buy your scrubs online?  CONVENIENCE is the answer for anyone who works hard and likes saving money.  Ordering online is virtually risk free.  If you order the wrong size or don't like the style or color, you just return the items in the same condition you received them, unwashed, with the tags attached.  The time limits on returns vary from store to store, but the average is 30 days.  That's more than enough days for you to accidently leave it on the counter as you're rushing out to work, before finally remembering to take it with you to drop in the mail.  :)  Most workplaces allow their employees to ship from their mailrooms, so you probably won't even need to make a trip to the post office.  All in all, it's still easier to return an online purchase than it is to go stand in the return line in a store!
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