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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Massage Therapists - Boost Your Image in Scrubs and Lab Coats

It's happened to all of us before:  picked a massage therapist out of the phone book and showed up to somewhere we've never been before only to be greeted by a massage therapist wearing a tee shirt and jeans.  Right away, we start second guessing our decision of picking someone out of the phone book and some of us even leave! 

If you are a massage therapist, one little accessory will keep this from happening to you ever again - a lab coat; and for an added image boost, a set of fashion scrubs.  I'm not talking about the very medical looking scrubs that I simply need my doctors and nurses to wear.  I'm talking about the fashion scrubs with empire waist, cross piped stitching, gothic print or embroidered stitching in fun, bright colors like purple, red and royal blue for women; and a nice basic cargo scrub set for men.   If you can't go all the way with a scrub set, at least wear a scrub top.  It is an instant image boost which is extremely important for keeping walk-in and first time customers.

If you do not want to wear scrub sets or scrub tops, at least cover your jeans and tee shirt with a lab coat.  It's a win win for everyone.  Your customers will feel comfortable with your professional image and you will feel comfortable wearing your work uniform of choice.  The extra "wins" in the equation for you just keep coming though -- your scrubs and lab coats can be tax deductible (see your tax professional for details) and you don't ever have to worry about staining your favorite tee shirts or jeans with oils or creams.  Talk about incentive!

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs has the best prices and a wide selection of fashion scrubs and lab coats.  The most popular item for massage therapists has been the Scrub Skirt Set in Purple, Royal Blue and Red and the Ladies Lab Coat with pockets - but your choice of what you'll select to boost your image is as infinite as our selection!  Feel free to contact us for bulk pricing at or 770-734-3466 if you're outfitting a whole staff.  We guarantee you'll get the highest quality and lowest prices!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Solid Color + Correct Size + Flattering Cut = Look Thinner

The formula for looking thinner in your scrubs is the same formula for looking thinner in any type of clothing:  color, size and cut.  Following this easy to remember formula can mean looking 5 to 10 pounds thinner every day. 

First, select solid color scrubs.  Solid colors create a longer, leaner look and cause the eye to travel vertically, emphasizing your height, instead of horizontally which emphasizes your width.  Dark solid scrub colors such as navy, black, brown, wine, burgundy and hunter green have an added slimming bonus because dark colors make the body look slimmer.

Next, select the right size.  Tight scrubs create that frumpy, bulgy look that no one wants.  Select a size that hangs freely over your stomach and does not require constant adjustment when you walk.  EZ Uniforms and Scrubs offers customers the option to mix and match top and bottom sizes at no extra charge to create that perfect overall fit.

Finally, select a flattering cut.  The scoop neck top is gaining popularity in the slimming scrub top cut category, but the classic flattering cut is the v-neck top.  Scrub bottoms also have flattering options.  A straight leg or boot cut scrub pant makes the hips appear narrower and draws attention away from the stomach area.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Scrub Skirts - Perfect Addition to Your Summer Wardrobe

Scrub skirts are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.  They feel cool and they look cool.  The most popular style is the flat front two pocket skirt with a 5" back slit and elastic waist in the back.  The look is very fashionable while still maintaining the functionality and comfort required of scrubs.

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs carries a beautiful scrub skirt in the specs above with soil release, poplin fabric for just $11.99!!  We will even customize the length of the scrub skirt to your preference:  shorter to show more leg and longer to show less leg.   The skirt is available in all of the popular scrub colors:  BURGUNDY (same as wine), HUNTER GREEN, ROYAL, WHITE, BROWN, NAVY, CEIL BLUE, plus 8 other colors.

Poplin fabric, as you know, is very durable and is perfect for multiple machine washes.  Let's just assume that you wear this skirt once every two weeks for the next two years (don't laugh, I've owned certain favorite jeans for 10 years now), that's a total of 52 wears and 52 washes.  This garmet will have cost you just 23 cents per wear and will still look great when you decide to retire it from your wardrobe.  That is less than a quarter per wear!

When was the last time you went shopping with the change in the bottom of your purse?!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Building Your Scrubs Wardrobe on a Dime

Smart shoppers have always known that the key to lowering financial stress is to shop smart, but the last few years has brought a much larger population of consumers onto the savings bandwagon. My only question to the newcomers is, “what took you so long”? Saving money is the most prestigious mark of a fiscally responsible individual. If you are unsure if you are in this group of the fiscally responsible, take this quiz:

1. I need a new scrubs set. I will

Go to EZ Uniforms and Scrubs from the comfort of my mobile phone, home or work and select a 65%, 35% Poly Cotton blend Crossover V Neck Scrub Top for $12.99 and Drawstring Boot Cut Scrub Pants for $9.99 by a high quality label that does not make me pay extra because they sewed their label into the garment; pay a total of $22.98, plus $5.95 shipping for a total of $28.93. My new scrubs will be shipped to my door in about a week. I will stand beside someone who chose Option B below and no one will be able to tell that I paid almost $20 less for my scrubs .


Drive 10 miles across town to the nearest scrub store to pick up a 65%, 35% Poly Cotton blend Crossover V Neck Scrub Top for $23.99 and Drawstring Boot Cut Scrub Pants for $19.99 by a famous label that uses the same manufacturing company and fabric as a non-famous label but charges me an extra 500% markup because of their famous name. I will pay a total of $43.98, + sales tax, + gas for the round trip to the store, + the opportunity cost of the time it takes to drive to and from the store, + the opportunity cost of spending that same time with people and doing things I enjoy. Whew, this is really adding up!  With the opportunity cost, the total cost of my scrubs is way more than the $47 that I will pay in the store, but we’ll just stop at that number for this quiz.

If your answer is A, then you are already a fiscally responsible smart shopper. You are well on your way to a lifetime of having extra money to do the things you enjoy with the people you enjoy. EZ Uniforms and Scrubs will always be your first stop for the latest cuts and colors of scrubs. If the famous labels have it, we do too, but without their label and at a much lower price! You will sacrifice nothing in quality but you will gain lots in savings of both time and money! You can build your scrub wardrobe on a dime and no one will know how much less you paid until you begin to brag about your savings --- and you will, because who can keep such a thing to themselves! Happy Shopping Saving!
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