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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Solid Color + Correct Size + Flattering Cut = Look Thinner

The formula for looking thinner in your scrubs is the same formula for looking thinner in any type of clothing:  color, size and cut.  Following this easy to remember formula can mean looking 5 to 10 pounds thinner every day. 

First, select solid color scrubs.  Solid colors create a longer, leaner look and cause the eye to travel vertically, emphasizing your height, instead of horizontally which emphasizes your width.  Dark solid scrub colors such as navy, black, brown, wine, burgundy and hunter green have an added slimming bonus because dark colors make the body look slimmer.

Next, select the right size.  Tight scrubs create that frumpy, bulgy look that no one wants.  Select a size that hangs freely over your stomach and does not require constant adjustment when you walk.  EZ Uniforms and Scrubs offers customers the option to mix and match top and bottom sizes at no extra charge to create that perfect overall fit.

Finally, select a flattering cut.  The scoop neck top is gaining popularity in the slimming scrub top cut category, but the classic flattering cut is the v-neck top.  Scrub bottoms also have flattering options.  A straight leg or boot cut scrub pant makes the hips appear narrower and draws attention away from the stomach area.

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