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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unique Gift Idea for Nurses, Doctors and Medical Staff

We've got the perfect gift idea for your doctors, nurses and medical staff - a gift certificate to EZ Uniforms and Scrubs.

1. You know they will use it.
2. You know they will appreciate it.
3. No waiting in line.
4. We have their size.
5. many more reasons do you need? :)

Doctors and medical business owners, this is the perfect gift to get your staff this year. If your staff is anything like me, they are tired of getting a frozen turkey for the holidays. As a matter of fact, I still have the turkeys from the last two Christmas' in my freezer.  I would have much rathered my employer give me something that I could use - like a gift certificate for something that I would actually use.

A gift certificate for scrubs is a much more unique way of letting your team know that you appreciate how hard they've worked. The gift certificate can be the main attraction or it can be the bonus.  No matter how you package it, your staff will love it!  We've got many styles, sizes, colors and cuts to choose from so everyone will be able to get just what they want.

A gift certificate for scrubs is a great idea for co-workers, family, friends and anyone who wears scrubs. Everyone loves to get a gift that they can use! Our gift certificates can be printed and packaged as you wish or emailed to the recipient. Just click this link to get your favorite doctors, nurses and medical staff the perfect gift (certificate) today:

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