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Saturday, October 6, 2012

When is a Scrub Skirt more than just a Scrub Skirt?

When it's YOUR one-of-a-kind scrub skirt!

Why accept a one-size-fits-all scrub skirt when you can customize one to just the way you like it?   Like your scrub skirts short?  Then select the option to decrease the length and then order the exact finished length that you want.  Think a longer length skirt is more flattering for your figure, then select the option to increase the length to the exact finished length that suites you.  But don't stop there - you can decide to have a backslit or no backslit. 

Imagine the bragging rights you'll have when you tell your friends and coworkers that you designed your own scrub skirt uniform.  Odds are that you will have a hard time bumping into anyone else who has the exact same scrub skirt!

Available in hot pink, light pink, khaki, beige, bahamas blue, carribean blue, ceil blue, navy blue, royal blue, light royal blue, yellow, red, burgundy, grey, black, white, teal green, hunter green, brown and purple.


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