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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Importance of Branding

Creating a brand is important.  Whether you're branding yourself or branding a company, branding creates instant product and quality recognition that serves a a marketing tool 24/7.  Think of some of the places you eat and shop where you don't need to see the company's name.  You immediately recognize the company by the logo, the slogan or the uniforms.  This is all a part of that company's marketing strategy and should be a critical part of your marketing strategy as well.

So, what is your branding strategy?  If you are a medical office, can your staff be easily identified in a crowded room?  If you are a restaurant, does your staff stand out from the staff at the restaurant down the street?  If you are a nursing home, does your staff uniform represent the serenity and comfort you're giving your residents?  If you answered no, then you should consider taking the first steps of creating your brand.

Most businesses already have a logo, so the branding step is just to select a color theme of uniforms and have the logo added.  For example, a pediatrician's office might brand itself by selecting colors in its logo for the staff to wear on its busiest days.  The simple step of formalizing a uniform color scheme and adding the logo changes your employees' lunchtime outing from 'the group in the medical scrubs' to the group from 'Dr 'Your Name's' office'.  You'll have instant, free, marketing!  And restaurants....the one thing that the restaurant with the big yellow "M" has taught us is that you simply cannot put your name in too many places!  So put it on your bib aprons, cobbler aprons and bistro aprons.  Market yourself 24/7!

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs not only offers the best prices and wide selection on medical scrubs and food service uniforms but we also help you design your brand concept at no additional charge.  Email us at today to get started.

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