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Thursday, August 5, 2010

You Can Never Go Wrong With the Basics

You can never go wrong with the basics.  No matter what dresscode your profession requires, the basics are essential to getting dressed for work every day -- be it a white blouse, black trousers, khakis or a blue shirt.  Professions that require medical scrubs are no different -- having the basics in your wardrobe is an essential part of getting dressed for work everyday. 

EZ Uniforms and Scrubs carries a very high quality 60%/40% poly cotton blend basic scrub set for just $18.99!  The set has 2 pockets - one on the chest and one on the back of the pants - and is available in 15 colors.  This means that we have any color you need or want:  wine/burgundy, navy, royal, white, hunter green, ceil blue, teal, yellow, brown, black, red, beige, light royal, purple and bahama blue.  Stock up on the basics today!

What's that?  You need more than 2 pockets....  Well, check out our Ladies 5 Pocket Scrub Set or our Unisex 6 Pocket Scrub Set

Purchase your Unisex Basic 2 Pocket Scrub Set through the convenient, secure, BUY NOW button below or through our secure website at  Need more information before you buy?  Email us at

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