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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great Cooks Wear Aprons

If you're a diver, you need scuba gear.  If you are a doctor, you need a lab coat.  If you are a minister, you need a robe.  And, if you're a cook, you need an apron!

Aprons not only protect you from the ingredients of your dish, but they create the ambiance of skilled cullinary art.  In restaurants, aprons are a part of the restaurant's branding.  Some restaurant kitchens use all white.  Some use black.  Some use green.  Some use red.  Some include embroidery.  Some are plain.  Regardless of how basic or customized the aprons are, they make it clear to the patrons that the person wearing the apron is a part of the team that is preparing the food they are about to eat.

The same transcends to your kitchen at home.  Your apron makes it clear that you are the person or a member of the team that prepared the food your family, friends and guests are about to enjoy.  Your apron says, "I care about this meal that I prepared for you". 

So chime in about your apron, if you have one.  If you don't have one, check out my specials below!!  I process orders through PayPal, so your transactions are SECURE.  Just click the BUY NOW button below OR email me at with the quantity and color.  Order for your catering business, restaurant, cullinary class, or just to wear in your kitchen at home! 



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