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Monday, March 8, 2010

Scrubs are The New Pajamas!

The first time I saw scrubs listed as loungewear, I turned my head and looked sideways.  Surely the scrubs were listed under the wrong category!  Then I started thinking about it.... scrubs have all of the great components of loungewear... they come in drawstring or elastic pants...or a combination of the two (elastic AND drawstring -- woohoo!) and you just pull the tops over your head.  That's all we want on Saturday or Sunday morning or right after a long day at work --- to slip into something that is super comfortable, easy to put on and easy to wear.  Scrubs are the new pajamas!  This does not minimize the important and highly technical work that medical staff, nurses and doctors do while they're wearing scrubs, rather, this validates the level of comfort that their clothes must allow in order for them to keep up with rigorous physical and intellectual demands of the basic 30 hour rotation.

I know what you're thinking --- "what will I look like walking around the house in scrubs?".  The answer is that you will look as fabulous as you want.  With all of the new cuts, colors, styles and prints available, your options are limitless for looking great.  The mock wrap scrub top, for example, looks just like mock wrap tops that you would buy from a department store.  The scrub pants come in popular styles like bootcut and stretch cotton blends to give you the fashion cuts that you already wear.  Scrubs are machine washable and come in very durable fabrics.  This means that you can just toss them into the wash over and over and they will continue to look great.  So, go ahead...give it a try...replace your loungewear with scrubs.  Be sure to tell me about it!

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