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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why Buy your Scrubs Online

Why buy your scrubs online?  Said another way.....why work a 30 hour rotation, then run mandatory errands like go grocery shopping, pick up the dry cleaning, fill up the gas tank..then drive to the scrub store, find a park, walk inside, shovel through inventory, wait in the check out get the picture.  You've been on your feet all day and now you're going to spend another few hours on your feet??? 

Ordering online saves you time, saves you money and saves you stress.  Online stores carry a wider selection of styles and colors because they have lower overhead.  They can focus more on providing you unlimited options of styles and colors because their capital investment is in inventory and not in a store front. 

So, why buy your scrubs online?  CONVENIENCE is the answer for anyone who works hard and likes saving money.  Ordering online is virtually risk free.  If you order the wrong size or don't like the style or color, you just return the items in the same condition you received them, unwashed, with the tags attached.  The time limits on returns vary from store to store, but the average is 30 days.  That's more than enough days for you to accidently leave it on the counter as you're rushing out to work, before finally remembering to take it with you to drop in the mail.  :)  Most workplaces allow their employees to ship from their mailrooms, so you probably won't even need to make a trip to the post office.  All in all, it's still easier to return an online purchase than it is to go stand in the return line in a store!

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